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Bringing Cultures Together

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About Us

Welcome to Namaha Foundation for the Arts official website! Namaha Foundation works towards bringing artists from all genres and cultures together! We want to start a dialogue, explore old traditions, evolve new trends, collaborate and build a community rooted deeply in history and yet thriving in the modern inter relative pathways. Namaha Foundation is an arts group put together by Artistic Director of Ushanjali School of Dance, Naina Shastri and her Senior Students from the dance school.

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Main Events

Karnataka Composers Day

Karnataka Composers Day is an annual event showcasing the contributions of Poets, Literati, and Composers hailing from Karnataka Old and Current through Music (Vocal and Instrumental) and Dance. This event is held in the HCCC  Shiva Vishnu temple Livermore, CA.

Naipunya Dance Festival

Naipunya Dance Festival is a monthly Solo Indian Classical Dance series, presenting two to three upcoming and/or established dancers from any of the 8 Indian Classical Dance styles in a traditional temple setting. The festival is held every second Saturday previously at the Sri Datta Sai Temple, San Ramon but is now live-streamed on the @namahafoundation Facebook page.

Once Upon a Time Podcast

Once Upon a Time is a monthly virtual video podcast in conversation with Senior Gurus and artists of all genres all around the world! The podcast is currently live-streamed on our Facebook page @namahafoundation. You can watch all podcast episodes on our youtube channel!


San Ramon has a beautiful blend of old and young, traditional and contemporary, indigenous and migrant cultures. Kaleidoscope San Ramon aims to showcase that diversity through performing arts events that are inclusive, multigenerational, and more. We want to present performances that are not only entertaining but also thought-provoking, and inspiring.

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